Monday, 12 January 2009

The Streisand Effect

Thanks to the wonders of the Streisand Effect I've had another influx of followers.

Especially indebted to all those who have blogged. Including (but not limited to) The Granuaid, Dave Lee, Adam Westbrook, Helen Duffett, Chris Applegate, and the the ever fantastic Enemies of Reason.

Naturally, they will be first against the wall when The Daily Mail takes over the Government through the covert means of distributing obsolete lightbulbs and supporting fascism.


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  2. I was amused by the anger of that newspaper (I gather some call it that)the Daily Mail at your parody of them, but I was also a little peeved, as I to poked fun at them last year, my efforts can be seen here, and, 
    and even though I put links to them on the Mails own forum, each of which they deleted within 24 hrs, they never got heavy like they did with yourself. I feel they've insulted me! But, maybe there is a community of Mail haters evolving, and that can't be a bad thing.